• Thomas Beaumont

Icing On The Cake Marathon

Once in a blue moon when running you can find yourself in a magical place. Your state of mind shifts from total concentration to one of complete and utter serenity.

This is something you cannot will to happen or set out to achieve. It comes to you on its own accord and goes as quickly as you realise its upon you. In this case it was about a quarter way through a marathon.

I was thinking about the usual things, how fast was I going, was it at the right pace, how long until I needed to eat, how far ahead was the runner in front, was the person behind gaining on me etc.

A combination of fog and snow had reduced my visibility down to about 20 meters in all directions. The trail was meandering gently through heather topped with fresh snow. All I could make out was the footprints of the leader and all I could hear was my own breathing. I remember thinking how eerily beautiful it was and then....

Well there is no 'then' to describe. It's just pure absence of thought of any kind. By the time you realise you're in this state you loose it, like finding yourself on a plane just moments before it lands - you have a brief experience of effortlessly gliding before all the bumps and rattles of touch down break the peace and bring you back to normality. How long you were flying for is hard to say, but those few seconds before landing are absolute bliss.

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