• Thomas Beaumont

Keighley BigK 10k

Falling during a race doesn't usually hurt. The adrenaline quickly gets you back up and on your way, that and the embarrassment.

Basically you've failed at the very simple task of moving forward and staying upright and have been seen tumbling over with limbs flailing through the air like a mime artist in desperate need of attention.

In this instance I happened to be ankle tapped from behind whilst going from grass to tarmac. With my centre of gravity off my landing foot tried to compensate and planted way out to the left only to slide on the sneakily slick surface. At this point my brain quickly tried to work out how to rectify the situation of my body being near horizontal but yet still travelling forward at some speed. Sensing the inevitable futility in such thought the arms engaged, slapped against the tarmac and just about stopped my face getting there first.

It felt as though I hopped up without missing a beat like I just bounced on a trampoline, but the grazes on my palms, forearm and hip that stung once over the finish line some 30 minutes later said otherwise. I probably slid along for a short while like a fish being tossed on to the deck of a trawler, but with less dignity.

As I was saying during the race falling doesn't usually hurt, however afterwards is a different matter depending on how hard and who saw.

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