• Thomas Beaumont

Sheffield Half Marathon

Sometimes I hesitate to enter races due to high entry fees. This was the case with the Sheffield Half Marathon this year. I deliberated for a long time before committing and coughing up the £40 fee.

As a Sheffield resident I had done this event for the past three years (Four if you include the 2014 ‘Watergate’ fiasco) and I had entered just to be part of the city’s main road race along with friends. The £40 entry fee seemed a bit steep for something I was doing just because ‘it’ was there.

Come the morning of the half marathon I still had this nagging feeling I should have maybe given this one a miss as I made my way in to the city centre. It wasn’t an ideal frame of mind to be in before a race. My warm up was negligible and the start line discussions with friends was about confirming how fast I wasn’t going to run.

As soon as the race was under way I settled into a fairly comfortable pace. It wasn’t until reaching Ecclesall Road and the brilliant crowd support that I realized I was looking at it in the wrong light.

It dawned on me that spending £40 to get cheered on by thousands of people who shout your name, offer hi-fives and ring cowbells was quite a bargain. The usual type of races I enter are in quiet rural locations with next to no crowd and here I was getting supported and cheered along the full 13.1 miles of the course.

For such an amazing and unique experience within the city that you live in paying £3.05 per mile for fantastic crowd support is unreal.

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