• Thomas Beaumont

Sir Titus Trot Marathon

When you start to flag in a race there are two ways things can go. You can either dig deep and stick it out or admit defeat and crawl to the finish line.

What links the two scenarios is your negative inner monologue and the mental strength to overcome it along with thoughts of quitting. At the Sir Titus Trot marathon I started to wobble mentally at mile 15.

That's when that inner voice popped up to say 'You could stop at the next aid station and walk for a bit'. Bugger, that wasn't a good sign. I tried to banish that thought. I wanted to carry on pushing hard, but a seed was sown.

During the next two miles my right hip flexor slightly tightened up but nothing too bad. 'Think you might be injured here, you should slow down, maybe even walk'. No! I wanted to carry on but the miles were passing slowly and fatigue was setting in.

It only takes one moment of mental weakness and then you cave. That came at mile 22 when the course had you double back on yourself. 'This would be a good time to walk'. Damm it. I was loosing places and so I gave in. It did feel good to walk.

With my resolve broken my inner monologue was now in charge. 'Run until the next bridge, then you can walk for a bit'' was followed by 'Just run for 5mins and then walk' all the way down to 'You can walk the rest, it's not happening today'.

A victory to my inner monologue and self doubt.

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