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South Yorkshire Road League 5 Milers - Brodsworth

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

The return to British Summer Time is always welcome, suddenly there is light in the evenings and time to play with after work before the night sets in. It also means a return of the South Yorkshire Road League 5 miler events.

There's a lot to like about these. They're a good test of speed and fitness and you really feel like you're blasting off the dust gathered over winter. The thing that stands out for me the most though is being part of a team and the spirit that goes with that.

It starts with lift sharing to each race, four or five bunched in a car chatting away and faithfully following a sat-nav to a postcode gleaned from a single Facebook post. Upon arrival, usually after a few false 'You have arrived at you destination' proclamations from the sat-nav, there's time to catch up with other club members and familiar faces. We exchange stories of niggles, injuries and maladies (which suggest none of us could ever make it round and survive) and go through our half-arsed warm up routines.

The races themselves are fast and over far quicker than you'd think, a blur of club colours and quiet rural back roads, but the finishing line is still a welcome relief. Post race there's plenty of analysis, from how well we think the team did and who had a good run to who survived their pre-race injury scare and who didn't. After an ever so brief warm down we all make our ways back home and I'm strangely looking forward to the next lung busting 5 mile event.

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