• Thomas Beaumont

Tigers Todger Fell Race

Running on tired legs after a weekend race is hard. Bloody hard. It’s now coming to the time of year where there are more races than you can shake a stick at, and with me being a greedy bugger I want to do them all.

If you’ve never had the joy running with legs that are heavy before you’ve even started the warm up here’s my not so technical guide as to what to expect.

A lack of bounce – Imaging picking up a flat basketball. Not so hard right? Same with your legs, they seem easy enough to move. Now imagine trying to bounce that basketball. A highly unsatisfying thud with minimal bounce. Same with your legs. No spring, no bounce, no return energy, no pep. You’re in possession of floppy dead slabs of meat formally called your legs.

No acceleration – Ever driven a car or truck with a heavy load, where you have to floor the accelerator right down just to get moving…slowly? You can expect the same if your trying to race, you’ll have to push way more than usual just to get going, and it won’t get any easier as the run goes on!

Poor responsiveness – You’ll feel like you have all the grace and nimbleness of an overloaded cargo ship while all around you are nippy little jet skis. Someone over takes you? Forget it, there’s no way you can suddenly accelerate. Tight corner? Better take a wide line, no turning on sixpence for you. Need to stop suddenly? Nope, not happening. Whatever is in front of you becomes your ‘break’.

So why do it? I wouldn’t advise it on a regular basis but for me it’s good to build a little mental toughness occasionally. Can you really dig in and grind it out despite these difficulties? It might just come in handy one

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