• Thomas Beaumont

Tigger Tor Fell Race

During a fell race there's often a visual disconnect between the route runners ahead are on and the one you are on. This is no more apparent when racing between checkpoints through heather on open moorland.

These types of races can be full of narrow hidden trods that require a bit of local knowledge to find and are almost impossible to see from any distance but under your nose. To make matters worse valuable time and places can be lost by an inferior route choice.

I had been out the previous weekend to recce a new section of Tigger Tor that I had not done before, but a heavy blanket of snow made any reference or cue impossible to learn. So come race day I was left following the runners in front through heather on a rough trod-come-stream hoping we were on the right line.

Suddenly, about 10 meters ahead, three runners scattered in different directions. I'm sure each individual was confident that their chosen route was the best but from my distance I couldn't make out if they were even on a trod or not let alone which one had chosen wisely.

At that moment you have to make a snap decision, who to follow?

One line might be the most direct but difficult running, one might be better under foot but require you to push that bit harder to make it advantageous and one might just be plain wrong and be heading off course completely.

Times up, place your bets now!

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