• Thomas Beaumont

Yorkshire Three Peaks Fell Race

Have you ever not known how to approach a race? Somehow I managed to be uncertain of what I wanted from the Yorkshire Three Peaks Fell Race. It might sound stupid, but this year I had already racked up 3 marathons among several local races and there comes a point where you have to pick and choose which ones you give your all in.

This was my fourth year doing the Three Peaks and I had entered this year with the intention of just enjoying it. I had ran a 5 mile road race hard on the Wednesday before and felt no need to punish my legs any more than necessary come race day.

From the off this was still my plan and I did actually enjoy the absence of pre-race nerves that usually come with readying yourself for a hard effort. I took the first ascent easy, maybe too easy, and found myself being passed by a lot of runners. My head told me that this was fine, they were probably trying hard and I should just stick to my own plan.

The long section between Penyghent and Ribblehead Viaduct followed a similar pattern. Runners that would normally be far behind me (I’m aware how big headed that sounds) were still passing me. Come the ascent of Whernside my ego couldn't handle it any more and took over. I sped up and started to ‘race’. In the last 10 miles I gave it my all and made up 158 places and finished within 2 minutes of my PB.

The feeling at the end was of frustration and annoyance at myself. I had neither stuck to my plan of taking it easy and enjoying the route or given it my full effort. In future I need to be sure of my exact motivation for an event

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